In early 2019 Coventry City Council consulted on two separate licensing proposals. Firstly, for Additional Licensing which would affect all Houses of Multiple Occupation, which fall out of the mandatory licensing criteria within Coventry. Secondly was Selective Licensing, which would affect all rental properties within a designated area of the city.

Following the consultation it was decided that the proposal for Selective Licensing would not be progressed at this time. However, Coventry City Council have approved a citywide scheme to bring in Additional Licensing for HMO’s.

What does Additional Licensing mean?

Coventry City Council will be bringing in Additional Licensing for HMO’s. As a result, any HMO property that is occupied by three or four people will need to be licensed. This is in addition to the Mandatory Licensing whereby properties with five or more tenants require a licence.

The new Additional Licensing regulations come into effect from 4th May 2020.

There is a cost involved in applying for a licence. This price varies from £640 for a 5-year licence up to £1,250 for a 1-year licence. The fee is reflective of a number of points including; whether you are using a letting agent, your experience as a HMO Landlord and furthermore your track record with Coventry City Council.

See Coventry City Council for more information –

What do I need for an HMO Licence?

Landlord need to ensure that their HMO properties meet with the relevant standards for fire safety and provision of amenities. In addition, properties must meet the minimum room size requirements.

Certification requirements include; Gas Safety Certificate and Electrical Condition Report. In addition, a Fire Risk Assessment will need to be completed. There is no standard advice for fire precautions which covers all properties – this will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Moreover, it is unlikely that emergency lighting will be required in small HMO properties. However this will depend on the complexity of the escape route.

Coventry City Council does offer pre-licensing advice visits, which costs £196. See Coventry City Council website for more information –

How can Homemaker Properties Assist?

Homemaker Properties is able to assist with the application process. Our charge is £420 inclusive of VAT if you wish for us to complete your application on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of HMO properties that we manage, we are currently only assisting with the application process on properties that we fully manage.

If your HMO property is not currently managed by Homemaker Properties and you would like us to provide you with a free valuation, please contact 02476 100 390 or e-mail