FREE WEBINAR: Arrears, Eviction & Regaining Possession

Proactive Tenancy Setup to Avoid Problems

Managing and Communicating with a Tenant in Arrears

Illegal Eviction and Harassment

Serving Section 8 & Section 21 Notices

Application for Court Proceedings and Bailiffs

Issuing a County Court Judgement

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About the webinar

The Arrears, Eviction and Regaining Possession webinar provides guidance on dealing with a tenant in arrears including; setting up the tenancy and communicating with the tenant through to serving notice and court proceedings. This webinar is ideal for those looking to build up their knowledge of managing a tenant in arrears and the process for legally evicting a tenant.


Anthony McMullan
Homemaker Properties

Webinar Speaker

In 2010 Anthony McMullan setup Coventry Letting Agency, Homemaker Properties, alongside his father. Since then Anthony has held a central role within the company and very much been immersed in the day-to-day running of the Letting Agency.

As a result, he has built-up an in-depth knowledge of the Lettings Industry and the minefield of legislation that comes with it. The extensive experience that Anthony has makes him well positioned to advise on the latest lettings legislation to ensure you remain compliant.

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