All Homemaker Staff are now MLAS Accredited

All Homemaker Properties staff have become accredited landlords after going on the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme course.

On Wednesday 3rd December, Craig, Alison, Aimee & Ann all went on the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme training seminar. After an informative day of training, provided by Landlord Mary Lathum the team came away as accredited landlords. This now means that all staff have taken part in the course and received accreditation.

Course Content

The seminar covered all the main areas that a landlord should know in order to operate a successful business; –

  • The preliminary requirement
  • How to set up a tenancy
  • How to prevent problems occurring during a tenancy
  • What do if things go wrong and what to do at the end of the tenancy

Mary Lathum spent approximately time advising how to deal with landlord-tenancy issues e.g. contract, rent arrears, gaining possession as well as guidance on property standards and health and safety issues e.g. disrepair, health and safety rating system, licensing etc.

The major areas covered included: –

  • Legal obligations
  • Property standards
  • Good practice
  • Managing a Tenancy
  • Documents related to the Tenancy
  • How to end the Tenancy
  • Issues raised by delegates
  • Preventing and dealing with problems

Find out more information about the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme.