Does your property have kerb appeal?

First impressions count and it is no different when buying a property. Failure to create the right impression from the outside could prevent potential viewers stepping over the threshold to view the rest of your property. Ensuring your property has kerb appeal will maximize the chances of achieving a sale.

Look Again
Start by taking another look at your property, imagine you are seeing it for the first time. How does it compare to your neighbours’ and other properties in the street? Are there any obvious repairs? – Check the roof, windows, etc. Ask yourself, would you book an appointment to view the rest of the house?

Tidy the Front Garden
Regardless of the time of year, make sure your front garden is tidy and well maintained; hedges trimmed, lawn cut, paths swept, waste removed and the any fencing or walls well maintained & any gates in full working order.

Clean the Windows
Such a simple task! Not only will clean windows look good from the outside but it will also improve the view and let in more light to the inside of your property.

Check that your property shows there is adequate parking. If parking is limited, move your own vehicle(s) so that viewers are not immediately put off.

Porch / Doorway
Remember potential buyers are likely to wait at your front door so ensure that there are no cobwebs. Does your front door need a fresh coat of paint? Don’t forget to check that doorbells, handles, letterboxes and light fittings are all in working order and that house numbers are intact. Ensure any clutter is cleared away too.

The potential purchaser is not just buying your house but also buying into the neighbourhood. Your neighbouring properties may not be for sale but if they look run down or neglected this will inevitably have a negative impact on your property. Speak to your neighbours, offer to help them tidy up their property.

Communal Areas
If you share communal areas, make sure areas are kept tidy of post and rubbish. Also, ensure light bulbs are in working order. If possible get some fresh flowers or a leafy plant in the hall way to give a welcoming feel.

At Homemaker Properties’ we have qualified maintenance experts on hand to help you maximize your potential of achieving a sale. Ask your Sales agent or contact us on 02476 100390 for more information.