Many couples or individuals would like to develop their own Property Portfolio as hedge against under-performing or lack of Pension Funds.  The stock market repeatedly shows its volatility so property can be a natural alternative.

Starting to build a portfolio can be very daunting; there are many potentially costly mistakes to be avoided. That is where we can come in, we have been involved in buying properties for many years, we have a wide experience of Below Market Value, (BMV), direct from the vendor, via sourcing agencies or from local or national auctions.

  • We can help you build your portfolio, at the speed at which you are comfortable.
  • We can ensure that you do not make the expensive mistakes that the unwary make every day.
  • We can help you put together your own Team of Professionals, including: Solicitors / Mortgage Broker / Insurance Broker / Property Sourcing
  • We offer a flexible service that can fit your requirements and timescales.

Contact us today for more information about our mentoring service and a no obligation discussion about your requirements! Give us a call on 02476 100390 or send us an e-mail to

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