Sourcing Case Studies


Earlsdon Avenue North

Residential to HMO Conversion

Project Completion: Estimated 2022

This property was previously being used as a residential rental. It had been on the market for a period of time with no takers. The property condition and proximity to a junction may have been off-putting for some. Anthony has sourced this property for an investor with plans to convert into an HMO. This project is now underway with work commencing in November 2021.


Watson Road

Residential Flip

Project Completion: April 2021

This property had been standing empty for many years and has become an eye sore in what is a pleasant residential cul-de-sac. The property had been disconnected from the mains gas supply, gardens had become extremely overgrown and the property was run-down in general. The property was purchased, refurbished and then sold on. The profit achieved was in excess of £26,000.


Sir Thomas Whites Road

Residential to HMO Conversion

Project Completion: November 2020

At the time of sourcing this property, it had been a much-loved residential home. A refurbishment was undertaken to transform the property into a five-bedroom HMO with ensuites. The return on investment achieved for this investor is 20.5%

HMO Conversion

Project Completion: July 2020

When sourced, this property was already being used as an HMO but was not compliant with HMO regulations and Local Authority HMO standards. Work was undertaken and this property is now achieving a 20.7% return on investment for our client.

Craven Street

Residential to HMO Conversion

Project Completion: February 2020

Sourced in 2019, this property was being used as a rental property but not as an HMO. The property was tired therefore upgrade worth was undertaken including the introduction of ensuite bathrooms. This property has achieved a return on investment of 31% for our Sourcing Client.