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Welcome to our property vlog, where we bring you informative property videos that delve deep into the Coventry property market!

We're all about providing you with valuable insights, expert tips, and in-depth explorations of everything related to Coventry property market. From latest legislation updates and investment strategies to market trends, we've got you covered. Watch some of our property videos below.

House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) Property Videos

Council Enforcement Fines [February 2024]
Additional Licensing in Coventry [February 2024]
HMO Fire! Landlord Learnings [March 2024]
Fire Safety Regulations in HMO's [March 2024]
Periodic Inspections in HMO's [March 2024]
HMO Inspections with Coventry City Council [March 2024]
Minimum Room Sizes [April 2024]
Section 257 HMO's [April 2024]


Do you have a HMO in Coventry? Are you keen to ensure your property is inline with the numerous regulations? We have put together this useful HMO compliance checklist to assist you in keeping your property compliant! Claim your guide now!

Latest Market Updates

Summary of Spring Budget 2024 [March 2024]

Enforcement Action Against Landlords

Landlord Fined £60,000 [December 2022]
£9,000 Fine [January 2023]

Levelling Up - Renters Reform Updates

Renters Reform Bill [November 2022]
Will you be Compliant? [November 2022]
Goodbye Section 21 [November 2022]
Empowering Tenants [November 2022]
Tough Penalties for Landlords [November 2022]
Positive Rental Experience [November 2022]

Property Investment in Coventry Series

Licensing and Planning [March 2023]
Where is Best to Buy in Coventry? [March 2023]
Single Let Vs. HMO [March 2023]
One Key Tip for HMO Investment [March 2023]
What money do I need? [March 2023]

Article 4 Series

What is an Article 4 Direction? [August 2023]
Is there Article 4 in Coventry? [August 2023]
Do I Need Planning Permission? [August 2023]
What is Class Use C3 & C4? [August 2023]
Permitted Development Rights [Augsut 2023]
What is Sui Generis Planning? [August 2023]
How Will and Existing HMO be Affected? [September 2023]
What if I Have a Family Living in my HMO? [September 2023]
How will Article 4 Affect a HMO with 7+ Tenants? [September 2023]