Property Sourcing

Homemaker Properties work with investors and landlords as part of their Property Sourcing service. Coventry is one of the UK’s buy to let hot spots so there are huge opportunities for success.

Our enthusiastic and educated team will deliver a trustworthy and efficient experience to you. This starts from before you even buy the property and continues throughout the process. You will always have an expert to turn to with any questions you may have.

Anthony, our Coventry Sourcing Expert, provides guidance to investors on what and where to buy with proof of what they can achieve. With over 10 years experience in Coventry's lettings market, Anthony can provide you with all the stats!

He can also demonstrate success with examples of previously sourced properties to give you an idea of what you can achieve. This together with other market information from online portals puts you in the most informed position possible.

Save yourself time, money and pain by having us fully manage each stage of the process for you.

Our sourcing service is designed to help you. Maybe you are busy with your own career or business and do not have the time. Or perhaps you just don't have the knowledge or expertise to find the right property for you.

We will work with you to source properties at the right price and with the right potential to be turned into single let or multi let investments. The end goal is always to provide you with the best Return on Investment or Rental Yield.

Property Sourcing Packages

One Property Voyage
Initial Fee£1,795 (+VAT)
Sourcing Fee2% of purchase price (+VAT)

Three Property Adventure
Initial Fee£4,895 (+VAT)
Sourcing Fee1.8% of purchase price (+VAT)

What is included?

  • Source potential property(s) during agreement period
  • Provide detailed proposals to help you make an educated decision on an opportunity
  • Perform all required viewings pre refurbishment. This includes visits with tradesmen to obtain quotes
  • Negotiate with the estate agent/vendor
  • Forward details to client with guide pricing
  • Advise on potential rental income, return on investment and cash flow
  • Home Buyers Surveys included on standard format two storey residential properties. Other property formats may incur extra charges. One survey included on the ‘One Property Voyage’ package and three surveys included on the ‘Three Property Adventure’ package.
  • Quote on refurbishment costs providing estimated timescales
  • Access to full project management for refurbishments (additional charges will apply)
  • Negotiate following survey findings for additional reductions
  • Supply estimated refurbished value
  • Deal with estate agents/solicitors/vendors throughout the purchase process
  • Pick up keys on completion
  • Introduction to solicitor/financial advisor/accountant where appropriate
  • Access to house dressing service (POA)
  • Access to discounted furniture, soft furnishings, and flooring packs (POA)
  • Preferential rates on published lettings management fees with Homemaker Properties
  • A case study of the project to be displayed on the group websites, boosting profile of your property